The Naked Truth!

The naked truth

OK, so not quite naked… but baring some of my wobbly bits! This is my ‘before’ pic, as I embark on my transformation. I took these pics a few weeks ago, at the beginning of January in prep for my blog going live, which took a little while longer than intended – if truth be told I was stalling!

My before pic

One word to sum-up how I look and feel in this is – BLOATED! I wouldn’t say that I’m overweight, there’s just more wobble going on than there was a few weeks ago (I can’t suck it in!). I’m far from beach-body ready, despite desperately needing some vitamin sea and colour!

I took two weeks off work over the Christmas period and didn’t go to the gym. I exercised a couple of times, did a few HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions at home. But that wasn’t nearly enough to compensate for the food and booze I was shoveling down my neck, without a second thought!

I didn’t weigh myself before Christmas, but recon I put on around half a stone… I can look at food and put on weight. At the time I took these pics my weight and measurements were as follows:

Dress size: 12

Weight: 66kg

Upper arms: 11cm
Stomach: 36cm

I don’t weigh myself regularly and I don’t get hung up on what the scales say anymore, as such I don’t have a goal weight in mind! I’m going off look and feel – I want to lose fat and gain muscle (size and definition). So some of the measurements above may go up / may go down, I’ll keep you posted. It’s often said that muscle weighs more than fat, but that’s not strictly true – one pound of fat equals the same in weight as one pound of muscle. Muscle density is different to fat, it takes up less room in your body and changes your body composition – I’m determined to make noticeable changes to mine.

Problem areas…  

  • Love handles; first place I store fat, last place I lose it
  • Face; my cheeks get chubbier, one of the first tell-tale signs I’ve put on a few lbs
  • Stomach; I’ve got a wobbly one pack at the minute

Areas of focus…

  • Booty; I want more junk in my trunk – just a quarter of what Khloé Kardashian’s got will do! Glute exercises will be a big feature in my workouts.
  • Upper arms; I want to put on a good gun show.
  • Stomach and core strength; I want to increase my core strength and define my abs (they are there somewhere). Yoga will greatly improve my strength and flexibility, and as luck would have it classes have just be added to the timetable at my gym.  

There are so many inspirational women, with fantastic physiques in the fitness industry that I’d love to look like. I follow loads of health and fitness blogs and social media accounts – Michelle Lewin, Emily Skye, Kayla Itsines to name a few. But keeping it closer to home, fellow Lancashire lass and Bury girl Gemma Atkinson is a great role model, in fantastic shape. For me, strong looks much better than skinny!

I’ll keep you updated on my progress, all tips, suggestions and words of encouragement welcome…

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