Kettlebell course

On Wednesday 17 February I kettlebelled and conquered! On Thursday 18 February I questioned whether I was suffering from a severe case of DOMS or dying – filled with dread for the day after, the day after!


OK… so I may be overdramatising a tad, but after a full day of swinging, squating, cleans, press and snatch, lifting a pen felt like lifting a ten tonne weight!

Enough with the self-pity and back to the course – it was great! Delivered by Premier Training International  in Leeds, I attended with my sister, Ruth. We booked the course back in December and got lucky with half price enrolment fees, so the one day course only cost £64.50.

There were 13 of us on the course in total, a mix of men and women, some younger and slightly older than me. Before the course, I had preconceptions that everyone on it would be way more experienced and knowledgeable than me, me being a newbie qualified level 2 Fitness Instructor, but that wasn’t the case at all. It was refreshing and motivating to meet a group of people that were on such similar paths – retraining, upskilling, looking to change and enhance their careers, using their personal experiences and passion for fitness to take it to the next level – just like me! What’s more, people doing these courses are generally ‘people persons’, that love to meet new people and find out all your ins and outs, which I suppose is a good thing if you’re looking to instruct – again just like me!

The day started with round the room introductions, followed by a brief history of the Russian kettlebell and the benefits of using them as a training tool. Then we got straight into the practical, no messing around. Another preconception of mine was that it would be mostly theoretical, how wrong I was! We warmed up with a number of dynamic stretches then got started with kettlebell lifts. Throughout the day we practiced a number of lifts and progressions for each lift – adding travel, rotations, lunges and squats. Learning correct technique, teaching points and muscle groups being worked, splitting off into small groups to practice instructing lifts on each other.

Lifts practiced included:

  • Swings
  • Cleans and press
  • Snatch
  • Windmill
  • Snatch to windmill
  • Turkish get-up – I won’t be practicing/teaching this in a hurry!

From 9am-5pm we were throwing shapes with kettlebells, I started out with a 12kg weight and by the end of the day I could barely lift 4kg – despite my feeble end state, I’m thrilled to share that we all passed with flying colours!

I’m very much looking forward to learning more, introducing more kettlebell exercises into my own workouts, planning routines and of course instructing. They’re such a great piece of equipment, with so many exercises you can do for a full-body workout.

The only downside of the day… I committed my first and worst blog faux-pas – I didn’t take any pictures! Kicking myself, it was a great course, with such an awesome group of people and I didn’t capture the moment. You’ll just have to take my word for it that I was there and did complete it – I won’t forget again!

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