Gym wish list

gym kit wish list

18 sleeps to go… the other day I posted about gin, so I feel I should post about the gym too 😉 Now this wish list is a list that could be as long as my arm… when it comes to gym kit, trainers, accessories, equipment and so on… but this isn’t about me! So, if you’ve got a gym bunny in your life, or someone that’s into exercise and fitness, here’s a few gift ideas to ease the pressure… that you can purchase online!

Water bottle. There are loads of gimmicky water bottles about, and this is a personal favourite obviously, gym first, gin later. Sweat it out for your favourite sup! On a serious note, it’s crucial you drink plenty of water, more so when you exercise. Something I bang on about all the time, and something I have written a blog about, which you can read more about here. This would make a great little stocking filler, fun and essential!

Sports bra. Another essential ladies, I cannot stress the importance of a decent sports bra enough… all too often I see women with way too much bounce going on and wince in sympathy pain for them. My personal favourite sports bras are Shock Absorber, they strap you down and hold you in place perfectly. The link above goes to their website, however, you can purchase these from lots of online shops, do a Google search and find yourself a bargain. I’ve also written a blog on the importance of wearing a decent sports bra, you can read more about here.

Exercise equipment. If you’re not a fan of the gym and want a few bits of kit to workout at home, I would recommend exercise bands, skipping rope, kettlebells and an exercise mat to begin. Small pieces that are easy on the purse strings, and you can get a good full body workout. I teach (and love) kettlebells, so you may say I’m biased, but they are great for functional training, doing exercises that work all muscle groups, to help improve both strength and fitness.

Fitbit. If you’re looking to start monitoring and tracking steps, HR, calories and so on, something like a Fitbit or other activity tracking device could be just the motivation you need. There’s loads of these on the market, different brands, each with different offerings and varying vastly in price. Fitbit is just an example, so shop around and see what deal you can get your hands on.

Exercise gear. Now this is where I could get completely carried away… so much gorgeous gear on the market, loads of brands, different styles for different activities and sports, the list and choice is endless! I’m addicted to Pinterest and have a gym kit wish list board, that I’m always adding to. But in terms of the essentials, I’d say you need a good pair of leggings (that aren’t too thin and see through as you squat 🙈), I prefer ones with a high waist band personally and got a really good pair from My Protein a few weeks ago. A good sports bra, as mentioned above. Gym tops, which are personal preference, I’ve ordered a few from USA Pro recently, they have lots of different brands featured on the site, reasonably priced. Decent trainers, now this personal preference and budget dependent, but I always get my trainers from Sport Direct, much cheaper as I go through them often. I got a really good pair of Nike ones the other week, that have good cushioning on the feet, perfect for the gym and teaching my classes.

The list could go on and on… but hopefully this gives you some food for thought!

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Gin wish list!


20 sleeps to go… the countdown to Christmas is on, it’s total chaos in the shops (avoid at all cost!), frenzied and panic present buying is in full flow. If you’ve got a gin lover in your life, here’s a few gin guzzling gift ideas to ease the pressure… that you can purchase online!

Personalised gin goblet. These days it’s as much about the goblet as it is the gin that’s supped in it, so why not add a personalised touch to your favourite tipple with your very own glass. Our cupboards are full of goblets from gin festivals and a few we’ve half-inched too (sorry not sorry!), but these would make a perfect addition to any collection.

Gin mug. Being a gin bunny myself, I mean gym bunny obviously 😊 this ticks both boxes and has me down to a tee, and I can bet my bottom dollar I’m not on my own! Quirky and reasonably priced, everyone loves a good mug.

Gin makeup bag. All my GINdependent women put your hands up! OK so we’re not all GINdependent, and if you truly are it’s no laughing matter. But this amusing and sometimes true makeup bag is a great stocking filler for all the gin loving ladies out there.

The Artisan Gin Maker’s Kit. These days everyone is an Artisan, making something or other, and new gins come onto the scene on a monthly basis (which is awesome!). So why not have a go at creating your own?! This is something myself and my partner have discussed and have grand plans, to the point of having brand plans conjured up in our gin-heads, that we’ll one day make our own.

Colouring book – colour me gin. Adult colouring books are said to help de-stress, whilst the mind is focussed on colouring, anxieties and stress slip away. So why not colour and sip your favourite sup, to let stresses of the day slip away.

Gin Festival tickets. Always a good idea, and the perfect excuse to get yourself a ticket too! The Gin Festival is a great day out, fantastic atmosphere, loads of gins to sample and tickets are a bargain too. I can say this first hand, as I’ve been a regular for the past few years, and they have got bigger and better year on year.

Also… If you’re yet to put up your Christmas tree, check out these awesome gin baubles! The perfect way perfect way to add a little ‘Christmas spirit’ to your decor!

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