The ultimate test of will power!

The girls

My first gin jaunt of 2016, and guess what… I couldn’t touch a drop! With just 3 days left of dry January, one of my oldest, nearest and dearest friends, Becky, decides to throw a gin tasting shindig for all the girls on 29 January – thanks Becky!

She asked everyone, bar me (still sulking!), to do their research and bring a different bottle of gin, along with the appropriate accompaniments and a tapas style dish – because we’re ‘sensible’ in our old age and know that drinking on an empty stomach never ends well!

Gin night at Bexs

The gins brought and supped were:

  • Hoxton gin with cranberry juice – a gin with an exotic twist, distilled with coconut and grapefruit. There was a lot of surprise and delight with this gin, the first one supped and was a big hit!
  • Edgerton pink gin with Seville orange and pomegranate pressé – a gin blended with fifteen exotic ingredients including pomegranate. Presented in pink, to make the girls wink! Another big hit.
  • Opihr gin with ginger ale – a spiced gin, distilled with peppers, cumin, coriander and oranges. This gin was one of my personal favourites over Christmas, it didn’t go down so well with the group.
  • Masons Yorkshire gin with tonic – a gin blended with secret botanicals, there were no grumbles here.
  • Edinburgh gin with tonic – two types were supped, rhubarb and ginger and elderflower, lots of gin appreciation for both.
  • A home-brewed plum gin with tonic, brewed by my friend’s hubby – this went down like a lead balloon, I think the word ‘paint stripper’ was used! One of the commandos managed to ride it out and drink the full glass, a true gin warrior. The others sniffed and turned up their noses. The vile taste was found all the more funny with the misspelled labelling of plum ‘plumb’, brilliant! Perhaps there was some truth in the misspelling and it was in fact plumbed, as opposed to distilled – giving it it’s industrial flavouring, in which case it was on point!
  • Greenalls wild berry gin with tonic and fresh berries – a gin distilled with blackberries and raspberries. It went down well – let’s face it, anything would after plumb gin!
  • A few sipping gins were then thrown in for good measure…

I can only look at the positives from this torture…

  • I’ve not consumed the boozy calories.
  • I’m not hungover.
  • They’ve done the legwork; I can just go straight in and try the preferred gins.
  • I’m thankful to have a big group of friends that love gin as much as me; who I’m sure will happily do this again – when I can join in!
  • I didn’t crack and break dry January; if I’m going to transform my physique and fitness, will power is what I need a lot of – being stubborn isn’t always a bad thing!
  • I got to spend time with my fabulous friends – I will take my revenge and get them all back at some point!

I hope they’re all hungover to hell today!

I’m off to treat myself to a Thai massage for having the will power of a warrior and completing yet another dry Jan! Relax, de-stress and loosen up my aching muscles… just what I need.

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